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USA Cycling Members are invited to attend educational webinars presented by the USA Cycling Coaching Education department Thursday, December 27, 2007  


USA Cycling Members are invited to attend educational webinars presented by the USA Cycling Coaching Education department. A webinar is a web based seminar.  The attendee logs onto a website to view the presentation and dials into a teleconference number to hear the presentation.  The webinars serve as a low cost method of providing education. The only technical requirements are 1) a high speed internet connection and 2) a phone.

For a description of each webinar listed below, please click on the hyperlink in each title.

For information on how to pay and register, please visit at the USAC Website.  Please read the payment and registration information carefully.  This is a two step process where one needs to pay through the USAC website using the MYUSACYCLING function, but also register for the webinar at the webinar hosting site.  Also note that there is a phone number that has to be called in order to hear the presentation.  Any toll fees are the responsibility of the participant.  (The free webinars require only registration at the webinar hosting site).

The technical requirements are listed at the USAC Website.
You may also be kept up to date on by subscribing to a listserv

The webinars cost $25 for USA Cycling certified coaches, $35 for USA Cycling members and $50 for all others.  The exceptions are the free webinars on “Preparing Juniors to Race in Europe” and “AntiDoping Procedures”.

If you have questions, please email Sam Callan at USA Cycling.


All webinars start at 4pm MST and end at 5:30pm MST unless otherwise noted.

Webinar Title

Laboratory Testing Procedures For Endurance Cyclists

January 16, 2008
Andy Coggan, PhD, Washington University
January 23, 2008
US Anti-Doping Agency
January 30, 2008

Joe Friel, UltraFit

February 5, 2008

Bob Seebohar, RD, CSSD

February 6, 2008
Benjamin Sharp, USA Cycling
February 12, 2008

Bob Seebohar, RD, CSSD

The Race Day Nutrition webinar is a repeat from Fall 2007; the content will largely be the same.

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