Clubs must renew membership with USA Cycling in order for a permit to be processed.

Permit Forms:
1. Need to be submitted 6 weeks prior to your event to avoid late fees: $50 for less than 6 weeks; $100 for less than 2 weeks.
2.There are several different permit forms. Make sure you use the correct one for your event as well as all other forms required. See downloads for more info.
3.Events may not be posted on any anywhere, especially on Bikereg or other on line registration site until Diane has approved the race announcement.Posting without approval may result in a fine up to $500. Once a flyer has been submitted there may not be ny changes made without approval. Unapproved changes  may result in a fine.
4. In case of a cancellation, a chief referee report must still be filed. This is true for any permitted event.
5. Once permitted a permit packet will be sent to the promoter. Included will be the certificates of insurance, one-day and annual license forms and the permit application and checklist which is to be given to the chief referee. Also included will be an explanation regarding submitting results to USA Cycling.

You can check the USA Cycling website to see the status of yours or any other permit. Click on race organizers on the left red column and then click on search events. A map of the US will come up. Click on the state where the event is taking place for a list of all permitted events.

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