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NEBRA Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 16, 2002

Attending Directors and local Reps were Diane Fortini (Director and MA Rep), Laura Summers (CT Rep), Eric Marro (NH Rep), Richard Fries (Director), Adam Myerson (Director), and Bill Black (Director and ME Rep.).

Discussion commenced with a brief review of the legal status (corporation established awaiting confirmation from Randy Rusk re RI Rep, upon budgeting/projections and misc. legal points being set will file §501(c)(3) application with US Treasury). More lengthy discussion then occurred concerning the Draft Bylaws and especially pertaining to NY USCF Clubs becoming members of NEBRA. It was decided to consider a number of alternatives for this and Bill Black was to send out draft language (did so 5/20) for decision. Further, it was decided to table consideration of NY race promoters being NEBRA members due to uncertainty of burdens of servicing their races pending further decisions concerning just what will be provided to race promoters (e.g., timing equipment, race materials, etc.) and logistics for doing so in NY.

Adam Myerson then reviewed his assignments and lengthy discussion occurred concerning the website with the decision being made to have Steve Roszko commence work on the $975 option laid out by Adam for website design/set-up/operation and Adam was to speak with Steve and advise Bill Black as to the required deposit. It was also decided that it would be best to provide race promoters with a specification list as to what it takes to be a "NEBRA Race" and not try to provide them with all of the flags, cones and other misc. small items for making their race comply — most folks can get that stuff on their own, but rather to focus on the big item — TIMING EQUIPMENT. Lengthy discussion then commenced concerning race timing services and equipment. It became clear that John Frey is not interested in contracting with NEBRA for race timing, as he believes he has all of the business he can handle or wants, but he is willing to consult with NEBRA concerning same. The complexity of the timing services/equipment was discussed at length and it was determined that the only realistic way for NEBRA to commence its involvement in this was to purchase a lesser package of equipment (i.e., cameras and Tivos) and offer these to race promoters as a step-up from conventional eyeball placings but something less than the full boat that John Frey offers. Further it was decided to offer a full training seminar for promoters this 11/17/2002 concerning the operation of the camera/Tivo system as well as John Frey giving a full tutorial in his equipment/services. It was envisioned that this presentation/tutorial would occur at the scheduling meeting to be held 11/17/2002 at the Palmer ‘cross race and bike swap event, which Judy Miller will attend as well.

Diane next reviewed the status of scheduling and upgrades. Judy Miller wants to have official sign-off on both of these, with more emphasis being placed by Judy on the upgrades. However, it is envisioned that Judy will eventually come around to just signing off on the NEBRA scheduling and upgrade "recommendations" forwarded on to her. We are not yet in existence operationally and Judy, therefore, has nothing to trust in yet.

Richard then presented a lengthy marketing and grassroots development plan for New England cycling that was quite detailed and involved extensive cultivation of the mainstream media. Richard was to circulate this via email (not yet received).

Finally, the group has a number of members with conflicts for attending Fitchburg and, therefore, a full presentation at Fitchburg seems unlikely. Bill Black suggested that he would circulate the Bylaws (once the NY inclusion was decided) and then, possibly, hold a session at Fitchburg to answer questions. It was also proposed that the Bylaws and general progress update be circulated prior to Fitchburg in order to keep the cycling community engaged — hopefully, the website (which is seen as key to all of our endeavors) will be taking shape by then as well.

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