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NEBRA Meeting Minutes #5 8/13/05
Friday, September 02, 2005

New England Bicycle Racing Association

Meeting Minutes 2005 #5

Date: August 13, 2005

Location: Mark McCormack’s Home, Foxboro, MA

Present: Diane Fortini
Mark Hagen
Jonathan Lowenstein
Mark McCormack
Mike Norton

Secretary’s Report:
1. The room for Annual Meeting has been reserved and paid for. It is at the Best Western Fitchburg. The room is reserved from 12:00 to 4:00 on December 17, 2005.

Treasurer’s Report:
1. The treasurer could not attend the meeting, but forwarded a spreadsheet of NEBRA’s current financial information to the BOD.

1. There was a discussion about whether NEBRA should be giving grants or using the money to pay for administrative costs. It was argued that the source of the money for the grants should not come from USAC. It could come from sponsorship or other means of fundraising. This item will be discussed again in 2006 when that year’s budget is developed and at the annual meeting.

1. Nothing discussed on this topic.

Old Business:
1. There was a discussion about women’s racing, and what NEBRA can do to help it grow. There is a lack of participation with the P-1-2 racers and promoters are not having races with that category. Mark H. will get in contact with Laura Summers and Amanda Lawrence to brainstorm. This topic will be discussed at the annual meeting.
2. The Board reviewed the draft RFP for a Banquet Promoter. Mark M. will edit the RFP and publish it.
3. Mark H. would like the Board members who are running again for 2006 to run as a block. He will write a candidate statement.
4. Mark H. will continue to work with Bill Black, or the new MA attorney, to amend the bylaws. The changes will be put in force in 2005. The changes will include staggered two year terms for Board members that will be in place for the 2006 election.
5. The Board thought having a New England Regional Road Race, Crit., Time Trial, and Cross Race would be a good thing. Mark M. will put out an RFP for any interested promoters. The races must meet the USAC distance guide lines for State Championships. Proposals are required to have events for all categories for men, women, juniors, and masters riders. Proposals for a particular discipline do not have to be at a single event. In other words, two promoters could divide up the categories at different dates and venues as long as all the categories have a championship race in each proposal. Regional Championship events should be limited to riders who actually live in New England. Bids will be due by January 7, 2006. Any questions should be directed to Diane. Bids should be submitted to Jon.
6. Dave Peckinpaugh’s article was reviewed for publication on the website. There was one edit to be made where the article referenced Mr. Peckinpaugh’s coaching service. Diane will contact Dave to make the edit and then post the revised article on the website.

New Business:
1. State Championships were discussed. Is there a need for them if there is a regional championship? This is item to be discussed at the annual meeting.
2. Mark H will contact Todd Todd Crisafulli to discuss progress with the new webpage design.
3. There was a discussion about how NEBRA can assist Tom Stevens with promoting the Cyclocross Nationals. It was decided that NEBRA will donate a banner ad on the website and post any announcements. Mark H. will contact Mr. Stevens.
4. The plaques for the Awards Banquet were discussed. It was decided that the category and placing will be displayed. In an effort to keep costs down, the recipient’s name will not be displayed. Mike will research a couple different plaque types: wood plaques with a metal plate and engravings, and plaques with graphics and print laminated over wood.
5. Ranking System changes for 2006 were discussed. Changes for 2006 include:
A. Promoters shall request participation in the Ranking System at least 6 weeks prior to their event.
B. Master women will be ranked. Any master women’s race will be tabulated.
C. The information board requirement will be changed to a suggestion.
D. The Ranking System Administrator will create a webpage that displays the top 3 people in every category.
E. Promoters will be required to call the top three people in each category to the start line.
6. 2005 Ranking System issues were discussed:
A. It shall be the rider’s responsibility to make sure the results are correct at the race. The Ranking System uses the official results from the Race Officials.
B. Rankning System Races will not require events for all categories, and the events do not need to meet category upgrade distance requirements.
C. There will not be a championship or leader’s jersey associated with the Ranking System.
D. 4/5 races will only be tabulated for open age categories. For example, 30+ 4/5 races will not count towards the System.
E. There are no minimum field requirements for Ranking System Races.
F. The Ranking System Races will not be designated as “NEBRA Sanctioned.”

Action Items:
1. All Board members should be thinking about a backup plan if there is no acceptable response to the RFP for the Banquet promoter.
2. Think about voting procedures. How will ballots be distributed, counted, etc. as well as how will proxies work?
3. Promote NEBRA.
A. Seek out opportunities to speak at cycling relating gathering such as club meetings, or at races.
B. Distribute the NEBRA flyer at races.
C. If you know of a club that is not a NEBRA member, ask someone in the club if they would like to sign up.

Bill Black
1. Review meeting minutes.

Norm Collard
1. Keep up the good work as Treasurer.

Diane Fortini
1. Diane will contact Dave Peckinpaug to make an edit to his article and then post the revised article on the website.

Mark Hagen
1. Work with attorney to amend bylaws.
2. Write returning Board members’ candidate statement.
3. Contact Laura Summers and Amanda Lawrence to discuss women’s racing.
4. Mark H will contact Todd Todd Crisafulli to discuss progress with the new webpage design.
5. Contact Tom Stevens about Cross Nationals.

Jonathan Lowenstein
1. Write meeting minutes.
2. Start NEBRA race category database.
3. Write announcement for annual meeting.

Mark McCormack
1. Edit and publish RFP for Awards Banquet promoter.
2. Write RFP for Regional Championship, RR, Crit, TT, and CX races.

Mike Norton
1. Find a suitable place to host the November 26, 2005 meeting.
2. Begin work on plaques for the 2005 Awards Banquet.

Next Meeting:

November 26, 2005 after the end of the Cross Race in Sterling, MA.

Recorded by: Jonathan Lowenstein

Copied to: Attendees
Bill Black
Norm Collard
David Connery
State Reps.

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