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Important Information regarding USA Cycling results and rankings
Thursday, May 26, 2005

Many of you are finding that your results are not listed on the rankings on the USAC website. Promoters are not required to send their results to USA Cycling and many don’t so you may notice that not all your results are listed.Also, if any of your information is not correct when it is submitted, for instance,if your license number and spelling of your name are not the same as on your license then your result won’t be listed. It is important that when you register for a race that you write down your correct license number and your name the exact way it is written on your license. It is also important that all promoters record all license numbers on the results that are sent in. If you have a question regarding your results/ranking on the USAC website (go to "search
events on the USAC home page, and then to "advanced search" to find the
races you have been in), you can then let me know what races do not have
your name listed correctly, and I can make those corrections.

Thank you,

Lydia Bosch
Results & Rankings Coordinator
USA Cycling
[email protected]
Ph: 719/866-4800
Fax: 719/866-4628

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