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2005 NEBRA Grant Proposal Guidelines
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The mission statement of NEBRA is “to preserve and improve competitive cycling in New England”. One of the ways that can be accomplished is by providing grants for “grassroots” activities and events such as training clinics, junior development programs, race series, etc.

If you are a New England club or promoter and would like to apply for a NEBRA grant, please follow the guidelines below:

NEBRA Grant Proposal Guidelines
1) Applicant (club/promoter) must be a NEBRA member.

2) The grant proposal must be typed and submitted to any NEBRA Board member.

3) The grant proposal must clearly state the purpose for the grant.

4) The grant proposal should address the following:
– specific amount of money requested
– specific purpose for the grant (program, series, etc.)
– itemization of how the grant money will be spent (coaches, services, etc.)
– copy of the club’s/promoter’s budget for this activity/event
– how will the grant benefit NE cycling? (# of riders, improvement, etc)
– applicant’s previous experience with events of this kind or other relevant history/experience
– brief bio’s on person(s) in charge of the event

5) Acknowledgement: All event announcements and promotional materials (written or otherwise), must include the NEBRA logo (as appropriate) and must clearly state that the event/activity “is made possible, in part, from a grant from NEBRA.” This includes:
– flyers
– handouts
– emails
– web site listings
– live announcements (from organizer, MC, etc.)

5) Follow up: A status report must be submitted back to NEBRA within 30 days after event. This report should generally describe how the event went, any differences between what was originally scheduled and what actually happened, and should detail the number of participants, specific program successes, and areas that should be addressed in the future.

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