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Message to all from Regional Coordinator Judy Miller
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy Holidays to one and all,

2005 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. There will be some minor changes, one of which is all the Regional Coordinators and their internal member service representatives will be working the same hours. That means my office hours will now be Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm. Susan Diller will be in from 6am till 2:30 same days. I will still be available by phone most of the time, but be it known that you now have set hours you can be assured of reaching me.

The online license renewal has been a HUGE success. The report has been that at least 75% of all renewals are now happening on line. This has also helped to streamline the upgrade process. When you renew, you can request the upgrade at the same time. If you qualify (the requirements can be found on the USA Cycling web site under the rider upgrades)anew license will be sent with the new category all ready printed. If you request an upgrade during the year, if approved, a sticker will be sent by either your Local Association upgrade person or by me.

New this fall, was the online renewal of clubs. This was also a great success and met with enthusiasm by many club officers. With both of these programs, however, if you prefer paper renewal forms, please contact either Susan or me and we shall see that one is mailed right away.

Coming in the spring will be permitting online. The way this will work is the representative from the club will go on line and fill in a template for the permit, the check list, the insurance request, credit card number and race flyer. USAC will then send to the person allocated for each area to go over the permit. Once it has been approved, it will go to the insurance company.

The very exciting part of this program is the race flyer will now be online and whenever anyone wants to know what is happening in your area, the current flyers will be available. The IT department is also planning on having these flyers sent to all the licensed riders in your area that have created their log on with USAC. I will notify you when this is in place.

One VERY important part of this permitting process is there is a place on the permit application that MUST be initialed by the person submitting the permit. This is the box below the fee formula that deals non-owned/hired autos and or motorcycles. If this box is not initialed the permitting process will be stopped until someone from the club signs. The way to keep your permit flowing through the channel is to make sure this box is initialed. This is to make sure you have read and understand the insurance for vehicles. These insurances have not changed. Todd has worked very hard to keep these fees reasonable. Therefore, cars are still $25 and motorcycles are $100 per bike for up to 10 consecutive days on the same permit.

Also new for this year, is the chief official will no longer be responsible for fees owed to USAC. The only fees they will be collecting will be the official’s fees. This official will fill out a form and send it into the office with the amount owed, but it will be the promoter’s responsibility to mail the insurance surcharges, and any license sales into the office. This is because the permit is a legal document that has been signed by the promoter and as such, they are the one who is really responsible for all monies owed. The chief official will work with the promoter to help them determine how much is owed.

The next item is the results and ranking system now in place. I am very sad to report that only 17% of the USCF races in the US have been submitting their results to this program. This is not good. The program has been streamlined and is very simple to use. I would love to see 100% participation from the Atlantic region. If you have any questions on this program, please call me and I will gladly walk you through the process. It is important to the riders for many reasons, but the most important is they use this for upgrading. Be a hero and get your race results in to USAC within 5 working days.

By now all races that were selected by the technical committee have been notified as to who their appointed officials will be. Those positions not filled by the committee and those races not selected by the committee will be filled by the Local Association. This is a reminder that all officials MUST attend a clinic every year to become acquainted with the rule changes and to discuss any problems that had occurred at races in 2004. A list of clinic dates will follow as some dates and places are still being finalized.

As information comes to me I shall be passing it along to you. Remember, we are a team and as a team, we need to work together to keep the East Coast the hot bed of cycling that it has become.

Yours in cycling,

Judy Miller

Atlantic Regional Coordinator

610 866-4051

8 am to 4:40 pm

[email protected]

1605 Cardinal Drive

Bethlehem,Pa 18015

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