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NEBRA Annual Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New England Bicycle Racing Association

Meeting Minutes #5

Date: December 18, 2004

Present: Diane Fortini
Jonathan Lowenstein
Sandy Martin
Mike Norton
Laura Summers
Mark Hagen
Mark McCormack
Marka Wise
Kirk Leidy
Jim Patton
New England Promoters and Racers

The following are minutes from the NEBRA Meeting held at the Best Western Hotel in Fitchburg, MA.

1. The issue of listing coaches on the NEBRA website was discussed. It was decided that New England based, USA Cycling Licensed coaches could be listed on the website for free. If a non New England based, USA Cycling Licensed Coach wished to be listed on the website, they would be charged $25.00. If any coach wanted more than just contact information or a web link, they would have to pay $25.00. All coaches would be placed under a rider’s resource link, and there will be a disclaimer at the top of that page.
2. The NEBRA Banquet will be held on February 5, 2005. There were numerous suggestions. There could be team presentations, a band, or a lifetime achievement award. There is an awards presentation and speaker scheduled.
3. A New England ranking system was discussed. There were several suggestions about how to score the rankings and which races should be included. There was some dissatisfaction of the way it worked in 2004. The Board of Directors will work out the mechanics which races should be included and how the ranking system will work at the next B.O.D. meeting.
4. Diane Fortini should be reimbursed for her phone bill relating to NEBRA business.
5. NEBRA memberships were discussed. The criteria for membership shall remain the same. Clubs and promoters can join. Individuals can not join, but should join a New England club if they want to be part of NEBRA.
6. The 2004 Profit and Loss Statement was reviewed:
2004 Club Dues 25.00
Website Advertising 90.00
Club Dues 1,109.50
USAC 27,225.00
Total Income 28,449.50

Consulting/ Professional 500.00
Grant in aid 1,500.00
Facilities Rental 288.86
Office Expense 2,037.84
Administrator Fee 13,612.50
Postage & Delivery 1,799.94
Website Related Fees 40.00
Total Expense 19,779.14

NET INCOME: $8,670.36

7. The Seven Stones is a training facility in the Berkshires. It would make an ideal place for cycling training camps. Information will be posted on the website.
8. Joel Brown had several suggestions for next year.
A. Junior roll out should be before the race. Any bike adjusted could be made without relegating the rider.
B. Promoters and officials should talk before race day to help things go smoothly during the race.
C. NEBRA should put a template of a race flyer on the website for promoters to use.
D. Mr. Brown felt that smaller races could use less officials especially if a camera is present at the finish line.
E. Mr. Brown stated dissatisfaction with the trend of elite Masters Riders downgrading to Cat.3. He felt that if you are regularly winning Masters Races, then you have no business in the Cat. 3 races. These riders should still be racing in the P-1-2 categories.
9. The NEBRA Board of Directors election results were presented. Diane Fortini, Mark Hagen, Jonathan Lowenstein, Mark McCormack, and Mike Norton will be the 2005 Board of Directors.
10. The next meeting will be January 2, 2005 at Mark Hagen’s home.

Recorded by: Jonathan Lowenstein

photos by Jonathan McElvery, Jack Milton, and

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