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NEBRA June 13 Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, August 17, 2004

North East Bicycle Racing Association

Meeting Minutes #3

June 13, 2004

Side of Road – Providence, RI

Diane Fortini
Jonathan Lowenstein
Sandy Martin
Laura Summers

The following are minutes from a NEBRA Board of Directors Meeting held after the Cox Charities Classic in Providence, RI.

1. Liz Campbell has not had the time required to be treasurer. Bill Black has volunteered to take on that position. All present Board members agreed to appoint Bill as treasurer.
2. Diane has not received any money for any of her reimbursable expenses. She should resolve any financial matters with the new treasurer. The Board agreed that she should have her name on the bank account.
3. NEBRA will host an awards banquette after the end of the 2004 season. Sandy has reserved a Room at the Royal Plaza. No deposit has been sent as no funds have been released from the treasurer. Kevin Tighe has contacted Jonathan Lowenstein about his company that organizes events. He will be given Sandy as a contact for this event. Sandy will find out what Mr. Tighe can offer as a service and if it is worth pursuing.
4. There was a discussion about the rules for voting on the Board of Directors. Now each member gets five votes where they can vote for one person five times, five people one time, or any combination in between. It may make more sense if the five votes have to be for five different people. No resolution was made.
5. The Board discussed putting the NEBRA memberships and voting on BikeReg. (Jon will discuss this with Steve Roszko.)
6. There is still a need to get the word out about NEBRA. Many people do not know about us despite the mailing. The Board nominated Mike to create a flyer about NEBRA and the February 5, 2005 banquet to be distributed at Fitchburg.

Recorded by:
Jonathan Lowenstein

Copied to:
Bill Black, New Treasurer
State Reps.

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