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Pittsfield Youth Series Championships
Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pittsfield Youth Series Championships

A record turnout of 120 junior riders participated in the Pittsfield Championships, the final event of the Pittsfield Cyclocross Youth Series. The seven-week race season for ages 12 and under concluded last Thursday with the championship event in Pittsfield. Medals were awarded to the top five finishers in all age categories and Richard Fries was on hand to call the action. The series is sponsored by the Berkshire Cycling Association. (The Free for All is an all-ages one-lap shootout, and the most popular event.)
Results (Riders are from Pittsfield unless otherwise indicated.) :

Age 6 and under, training wheels 1. Samantha Passetto, Lee; 2. Isabella Masiero, Lee, 3. Ashley Rufo, 4. Micaela Bartlett, 5. Riley Nichols.

Age 6 and under, two wheels 1. Chris Tracy, 2. Brian Henault, 3. Brett Murphy, 4. Benjamin Meisi, Tyler Hart.

Age 7-8 1. Matthew McNulty, 2. Ross Wightman, Chatham, N.Y., 3. Tyler Murphy, 4. Evan Gurek, New Ashford, 5. Shaun Pero.

Age 9-10 1. Aaron House, Great Barrington, 2. Jonathan Filkins, 3. Max Marshall, 4. Joel Frenier, 5. Jason Boulais.

Age 11-12 1. Shawn Hudlin, 2. Evan Boulais, 3. Spencer Pero, 4. Michael Connor, 5. John Virgilio.

Free for All Girls 1. Mary Beth Salatino, 2. Stephanie Passetto, Lee, 3. Rebecca Nicholson, 4. Sarah Pero, 5. Marissa Ericson.

Free for All Boys 1. Shawn Hudlin, 2. Evan Boulais, 3. John Virgilio, 4. Spencer Pero, 5. Aaron House, Great Barrington

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