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3/1/2003 NEBRA Board Minutes
Saturday, March 08, 2003

The NEBRA Directors’ Meeting was convened with the following in attendance:
Diane Fortini (Director)
Laura Summers (Director Designate)
Adam Myerson (Director)
Mike Norton (Director Designate)
Bill Black (Director)
Eric Marro (NH State Rep)

Mike Norton and Laura Summers were unanimously voted in as Directors to serve out the terms of Bill Dolan and Richard Fries, both of whom resigned as Directors effective February 28, 2003.

Also in attendance was Elizabeth C. Campbell, who was attending the USCF Officials Training session being held at the Plantation Inn.

The business discussed and decided was as follows:
1. NEBRA Application — considering an informational form to be filled out by each club and promoter also considering a possible annual membership fee.
The decision of the Board was that an application form would be used and a $25 annual membership fee would be charged. The application is as follows:
1. Name (club/race promoter):_____________________
2. Address:_______________________________
3. E-mail:______________________________
4. Telephone:____________________
5. Fax:______________________
6. If a club USAC No.___________, and:
(a) number of members:________
(1) number of male members:_________
(2) number of female members:_________
(3) number of juniors:_________
7. Races Planned for Presentation:___________________________
8. Club/Promoter Contact Person:_____________________

2. Speed Sport Timing/John Frey Timing — race coverage, budgeting, surcharge? Looking at race coverage for electronic timing/results equipment and the three potential providers; also looking at a $1/entry surcharge at races.
The decision of the Board was that promoters applying for race permits not yet issued would be asked if they would participate in the $1/race entry surcharge for 2003 but the surcharge would not be mandatory this year. Further, NEBRA would designate a sum out of its general funds (likely in the range of $2,000) to be divided amongst and paid out at year end to those NEBRA member race promoters who used electronic timing/results services for their races that met the criteria of camera results/timing, full results with finishing times for all riders, digital submission of such results via e-mail to NEBRA within 48 hours of the last prize being awarded, and whose race meets all applicable USCF standards.

3. Insurance — what to buy? Directors and Officers coverage and liability coverage are both on the table.
The decision of the Board was to purchase both insurances (D&O and liability) and to attempt to do so for $3,000 or less.

4. Diane Fortini — compensation amount? Diane will be paid a contract amount in order to handle the day to day operational matters of the District; it is a lot of work.
The decision of the Board (Ms. Fortini recusing herself from such vote) was to pay Diane 50% of all $10/license fee remittances received from USAC and additionally to reimburse Diane for her expenses of operation (such as postage, telephone and the like).

5. Fundraising Plans? NEBRA must develop other sources of funding aside from the $10/licensee it will receive from USAC (1st installment is due March 2003).
The decision of the Board was to defer any action on this item until such time as more specific time and effort can be directed to undertaking it in a proper fashion.

6. General Budgeting for 2003 and beyond. This will be crucial to assure the long term success of cycling in New England — the worst situation is to constantly be struggling on the edge of financial problems.
The decision of the Board was that this item is related to fundraising and that the 3 primary expenditures of NEBRA’s operation (payment to Diane, timing/results related expenses, and insurance) having been addressed, the longer range planning for NEBRA should be tabled and taken up at a later time in conjunction with fundraising.

7. Board of Directors — Laura Summers and Mike Norton are seated as noted above, Bill Dolan and Richard Fries having resigned (also as noted above). Richard and Bill are thanked for their great work and their efforts. The Board will be composed of Diane Fortini, Laura Summers, Adam Myerson, Mike Norton, and Bill Black until the election at the annual meeting to be held this fall (noted above).

8. VT Local Rep to replace David Rath and CT Local Rep to replace Laura Summers. David Rath wishes to be replaced as VT Local Rep and Laura Summers is becoming a Board member and wants to be replaced as CT Local Rep.
The Board also took up the replacement of David Rath as VT State Rep, with it being decided that Elizabeth C. Campbell will serve as VT State Rep. Laura Summers has a number of candidates for CT State rep and she will continue to explore matters and report back to the Board.

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