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Collegiate Cycling Voted in as an Official Association Of USA Cycling
Friday, April 09, 2004

It is now official. The National Collegiate Cycling Association is an association of USA Cycling! After many years of committee
status, first under USCF and more recently under USA Cycling, the USAC Board of Directors has voted to admit collegiate cycling as
an official association of USA Cycling!

A temporary Board of Trustees has been established by the USAC Board consisting of Nathan Drake, Mark Abramson, Randy Warren and
Natalie Mik (athlete representative). Elections for the Collegiate Cycling Board of Trustees will be held with the other USAC
Association elections during the late summer/fall of 2004. Currently, Collegiate Cycling has one representative on the USAC Board.

Thank you to all of you and those many others who have worked so hard to establish Collegiate Cycling as the largest grass roots
cycling effort and best development program within USA Cycling. This moment could not have happened if it was not for the
collective efforts of many people over many years.

Our next task is to continue to grow collegiate cycling. With continued growth we not only extend the viability of Collegiate
Cycling but we will also gain additional seats on the USAC Board of Directors. The influence of Collegiate Cycling is extending
throughout USA Cycling. With all of our hard work, we will continue to effect people’s lives in a positive way through the sport of
Collegiate Cycling!

Randy Warren
Collegiate Cycling Board of Trustees

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