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USAC Harmonizes License Expiration Dates for All Licenses
Thursday, April 01, 2004

USA Cycling decided to harmonize the expiration dates for all of the various licenses it issues. Therefore, all licenses will now expire December 31 each year beginning in 2004. Some of the reasons for the decision to harmonize the expiration date are as follows:

· A year-end license expiration date for all licenses creates less confusion for officials and promoters when determining if a rider’s license is current.
· The December 31 expiration coincides with the change in the rider’s race age each year.
· All members (riders, officials, coaches and mechanics) will know when all of their licenses expire and when they need to renew. Members with multiple licenses had different expiration dates.
· USA Cycling domestic licenses will now coincide with international license expiration dates.
· The new on-line license purchase system allows USA Cycling to better manage the flow of the renewal and licensing process. One of the primary reasons for the previous 12-month license was to spread the paperwork load throughout the year so that licenses could be processed more efficiently during the year. The on-line system has eliminated the majority of the paperwork and streamlined the licensing process.

With the switch back to a December 31 expiration, USA Cycling also introduced two new member benefits.

1. Any adult, primary license purchased between September 1st and October 31st each year can be purchased for a reduced price of $25. These licenses will, however, expire December 31 each year.
2. Any adult, junior, official, coaching, mechanics and/or international license purchased on or after November 1st each year will expire on December 31st of the following year, essentially providing a license that is valid for 14 months.

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