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USA Cycling Election Time Approaching – Please Vote
Tuesday, March 30, 2004

This is the quadrennial election year for USA Cycling. All of the associations of USA Cycling have trustees whose terms expire this year, and all association’s athlete trustees terms expire this year. In addition, the USOC has an athlete advisory council (AAC) and athlete representative’s terms expire this year.

Near the end of April, nomination information will be posted online along with the necessary forms for the nomination procedure. Nominations for trustees and the AAC representative must be postmarked by June 1st. For athlete trustees and for the USOC athlete advisory council representative, nominations can only be made by and for eligible athletes. There are several criteria that establish eligibility under these rules as shown below:

Eligibility Requirements for the USA Cycling representative to the AAC
1) An eligible athlete is one who has represented the United States at the Olympic or Pan Am Games, Elite World Championships, the Paralympic Games, or Paralympic World Championships in the last 10 years.

Eligibility Requirements for Athlete Trustees of USA Cycling Associations except NCCA
1) An eligible athlete is one who has represented the United States at the Olympic or Pan Am Games, Elite World Championships, the Paralympic Games, or Paralympic World Championships in the last 10 years, or

2) who has finished in the top half of Elite National Championships in the last two years. The National Championship events that count for this eligibility are those that are on the program of the Olympic Games and World Championships.

There are three athlete trustee positions open for each of USCF and NORBA, and two positions for USPRO. For USCF and NORBA, there must be at least one male athlete trustee and one female athlete trustee.

Eligibility Requirements for Athlete Trustees of NCCA
1) An eligible athlete is one who is the highest level of elite athletes of NCCA consisting of any NCCA member who has competed in at least one NCCA National Championship in the road, mountain bike, or track disciplines and placed in the top 50% of the individual omnium in either Division I or Division II competition within the previous year prior to nomination.

There is one NCCA athlete trustee position open.

Athletes will have to demonstrate their eligibility per the sections above in order to be nominated for trustee positions or the AAC representative and to nominate other athletes for these positions. USA Cycling is currently gathering the list of riders considered to be eligible athletes, and this will be posted online as well. In August, ballots will be sent directly to eligible athlete’s addresses of record. Athletes should check their accounts online and make sure their address is correct.

For the non-athlete trustees, please note the following details:

USCF Trustees
1) There is one open seat in each section.
2) Trustees must be elected by members in their section and only members in their section may vote for that section’s trustees. Each USCF member may vote for one non-athlete candidate in their section.

NORBA Trustees
1) One NORBA industry seat and one NORBA organizer seat are open.
2) All NORBA members may vote for a candidate in each non-athlete category.
3) The candidates for the industry position must be listed as a NORBA industry associate. The organizer candidates must have organized at least one category A or B National level event in the last 5 years.

USPRO Trustees
1) One at-large trustee, one race organizer trustee, and one trade team trustee position are open.
2) The candidates for the race organizer trustee must have organized at least one international race of category 5 or higher on the UCI calendar within the preceding 12 months. The trade team trustee candidates must be UCI trade team organizers at the time of nomination and election.
3) All USPRO members may vote for a candidate in each of the non-athlete categories.

NCCA Trustees
1) Four non-athlete trustee positions are open.
2) All NCCA members may vote for non-athlete trustees.

The timetable for the elections is shown below:

Summary of Election Timing
April 15th: List of Eligible Athletes will be posted online at
May 1st: Nomination notices will be online. Prior to that, postcards will be sent out to all members informing them of the positions that will be vacant.
June 1st: Nominations for trustee positions must be postmarked by this day and sent to USA Cycling. Eligible athletes will have to show how they are eligible in order to nominate trustees or to be nominated.
August 15th: Ballots will be mailed to all members in two batches. All members will receive ballots for the general trustee positions for their respective association. Eligible Athletes will also receive a ballot for electing athlete trustees and our representative to the AAC. Ballots will also be posted online.
Sept 15th: Ballots must be received by the ballot clerk by this day.

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