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Announcing Serotta Women’s Elite Series
Thursday, March 11, 2004

Hello! This email is to announce a new and exciting thing for W 1/2 racing in new England that we have been working on: our own series! Disappointed by the fact that four races that previously had w 1/2 fields have cancelled those races while adding more mens’ fields, some of us decided to do something to show our support and attempt to ensure that cancelling W 1/2 races does not become the "norm".

So… this year there is an Elite Women’s Series. It has fifteen races spaced throughout April-August and all over New England that do not overlap with other large races. There is a points table for race performance that will be kept and updated, and a yellow jersey for the series leader at each race!! Of course there will be prizes for leaders at the end of the series, thanks to some great sponsors and grants, which we are finalizing now. All of this information is at:

The series will be an excellent opportunity for us to target races, show up in numbers, race, have fun, win prizes AND show why promoters should maintain our category’s races. In addition, we have created a yahoo! groups as an email server so that we can discuss with one another the issues we face (such as race cancellation) or anything else you want to pass on to an audience of female cyclists. To be a member of the yahoo!group, please send an email to:
[email protected]

I do hope you will join in this effort by sending an email and visiting the webpage. Really, all we have to do is to go to races, so this is a win-win situation and a great oppotunity to play a part in our sport today and for future 1/2’s who could face perpetually less races if the trend continues.

Many thanks to Lori Hoefer at Serotta. They are offering the grand prize for the winner of this series: A custom built "Legend Ti" frame with carbon Serotta fork. (see description below or at As you may know, this is well over a $4000 prize!!

Remember to sign up for the email yahoo!groups server.

Happy training– this winter needs to END!!

Amanda Lawrence

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