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NEBRA Meeting Minutes 12/28/2003
Thursday, January 22, 2004

North East Bicycle Racing Association

Meeting Minutes #1

Date: December 28, 2003

Location: Sandy Martin’s Residence – Stead Ave., Attleboro, MA

Present: Kitty Farago
Diane Fortini
Jonathan Lowenstein
Sandy Martin
Michael Norton
Laura Summers

1. The NEBRA board appointed Jonathan Lowenstein as Secretary. All official mail to NEBRA can be sent to his address: 133 Georgia Ave., North Kingstown, RI 02852.
2. There was a discussion about what responsibilities will be given to the new President and Vice President of NEBRA. It was decided that the two positions will be eliminated, at least for now. The board created two new positions called Co-chairpersons. The Co-chairpersons will be responsible for running the NEBRA meetings and will oversee the general direction of NEBRA. The reason for two Chairpersons was to ensure that meetings could be run if one is unable to attend. The board appointed Michael Norton and Laura Summers as the Co-chairpersons.
3. The board is considering adding the paid position of NEBRA Spokesman. The Spokesman, or Spokeswoman, will be responsible for promoting NEBRA. This person should be a recognizable figure that will attend races, bicycle clinics, trade shows, etc. and talk about what NEBRA is and what it is doing to better bicycle racing in New England. Other duties could include writing articles that will appear on the NEBRA website and giving interviews to the media.
4. NEBRA will send out a letter to all licensees and promoters in New England prior to the February meeting in Fitchburg. The purpose of the letter is to let everyone know what we are planning to do this year, increase our membership, and invite everyone to the February meeting and Expo. Laura will write the letter. Sandy will distribute. Jonathan will design a letterhead once we decide on our official address.
5. Kitty outlined our expenses. Bill Black will be removed from the NEBRA bank account. Kitty and Sandy will have access to the account. Kitty will see what is involved in switching the account to Fleet. NEBRA is currently based in Maine. Fleet does business almost everywhere making it easier for us to do business.
6. The board will ask Bill Black if he will continue to be our legal consultant. Bill has since expressed that he does not want to stay on. NEBRA will try to find another attorney.
7. NEBRA will designate “NEBRA Friendly” races. Promoters in New England are not required to have this designation. “NEBRA Friendly” races will be quality events that competitors can be confident to attend. Promoters will be charged a $1.00 per rider fee payable to NEBRA to be able to advertise this designation for their races. If the promoter satisfies all the criteria required for a “NEBRA Friendly” race, he will be given $0.50 per rider rebate from NEBRA. The head official will make this decision at the end of the event. The criteria for “NEBRA Friendly” races is as follows:
A. There will be a finish line camera in place.
B. Results will be sent to USA Cycling to be entered into the national ranking system. (Kitty will ask John Frey if this is a service he will perform.)
C. Neutral support will be provided to all categories. The support does not need to be Pedro’s or Mavic. There will be a pit in place at criteriums, and wheel vans at road races.
D. Sufficient porta-johns will be provided near the start-finish area.
E. Registration shall be adequately staffed to keep lines short.
F. Promoters will provide decent numbers and pins. At least one number at criteriums and two numbers at road races.

8. New England Champions will be recognized at the end of the season as the highest ranked person from New England in a particular category on the USA Cycling’s ranking system.
9. The Board decided it will issue grants to help promote New England bicycle racing. Anyone interested in obtaining a grant must submit a written proposal to the NEBRA board. The Board will evaluate all the proposals. There will be a fixed budget for grants. The exact amount will be determined later. There is no deadline for grant proposals.

Recorded by: Jonathan Lowenstein

Copied to: Attendees
State Reps.

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