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Message from the League of American Bicyclists
Wednesday, January 07, 2004

To New York and New England bicyclists’ organizations and interested
cyclists —

As the League of American Bicyclists New York and New England Regional
Director, I want to thank for your support. I will be attending a Retreat
weekend of the League’s Board and staff January 15-18, and so I am also
asking for your input. Thanks too for the input some of you have already
given me.

Those of you who are League Cycling Instructors will already know that I
have been appointed to the League’s Education Committee, and that I am
pleased with the Committee’s progress. I think very highly of the new
Education Director, and I look forward to major upgrades in the materials
that the League will be providing to instructors.

I am turning my attention at this time to advocacy issues. I would like the
League to be providing more support for advocates at the state and local
level, and I will voice this concern at the Retreat.

Please, let me know of *your* concerns. And remember the following dates as

National Bicycle Summit, in Washington, DC: March 3-5. The League’s Board
and staff will be present, so this is an opportunity to talk with us in
person, as well as to attend workshops and participate in advocacy efforts
at the Federal level.

League National Rally — Labor Day weekend, in Jasper, Indiana. The
League’s new model of partnering with a local or state cyclists’
organization proved to be a success with the Madison, Florida rally this
past October, and I look forward to the same for the 2004 rally. More
information is on the League’s Web site,

Organizations, or individuals, who haven’t yet joined the League —
membership information is also at your fingertips on the League’s Web site.

Please feel free to forward this message to club e-mail lists…Thanks.

John S. Allen
LAB Regional Director for New york and New England
jsallen *at* (replace " *at* " with "@")

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