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Meeting notes from the USAC Board of Trustees
Friday, November 21, 2003

This note is from Jim Patton who was recently elected to the Board of Trustees for the East. You should pass this on to your members and remember this is only a summary.


The Fall meeting of the USCF Board of Trustees was held on the first weekend
of November. During the meeting, we worked though more than 30 pages of
legislation. The majority of this legislation cleaned up the rulebook
(there were lots of little problems) and moved our rules closer to the UCI
regulations. Since there are a large number of modifications, you are all
encouraged to review the revised document when it becomes available EARLY
next year (I’ll let you know when it is available on-line). Some of the
significant changes you will see in the updated rule book include:

– Clearer definition of the Elite category.
– Replaced "Espoir" with "Under 23" throughout the book (just a name
– A new rule requiring bicycles and equipment to comply with UCI regulations
by 2007.
– The radio rule was modified eliminating the Masters restriction.
– The race number rule, which states that numbers may not be folded or
trimmed, now includes "crumbled or otherwise defaced."
– Starting in 2004, all licenses will expire on December 31. Note: License
purchase, renewal, and request for upgrade are now available at Process is easy and quick. My 2004 license arrived in
less than a week.
– Fines can be assessed during USCF events. For Cat A and B road races, the
UCI fine schedule for "Other Events" will be used.
– Rule 1O13, which penalized riders for releasing the handlebars when
crossing the finish line in close sprints was elminated.
– The bylaws were amended to make a new program for Officials possible. The
Technical Director, working with a new Technical Commission, will rollout a
new program for officials which will improve training and advancement for
officials. Full details are expected in the near future.

Although no rules were changed concerning Masters Championships, we were
concerned to learn that more than a dozen Masters Championships were awarded
in "walkovers" – without competition. This large number seems to lower the
meaning of winning the Jersey. The USAC staff plans to engage the Masters
community to assess what should be the "standard" for future Masters
championships and awards.

Please remember that this summary contains only the changes that I
considered "important" and is only a brief summary of the approved changes.
The full set will be available early next year.

If you have questions about the meeting, or rules that were changed, or have
future rule changes you would like to see, please contact me.

Jim Patton
410-721-7650 (evenings before 9)
202-781-1591 (days)
301-332-3352 (cell)
e-mail [email protected]

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