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2003 Race Schedule/NEBRA Progress
Wednesday, November 13, 2002

The 2003 Race Scheduling meeting is set for this Sunday, November 17, @9AM at Palmer, MA in the cafeteria. We should be done in ample time for those wishing to race in the ‘cross events.

Our progress with NEBRA to date is right on track with our large objectives having been accomplished:
— our corporate structure is in place,
— we have obtained our §501(c)(3) exemption Letter Ruling from the IRS,
— our website is up and running,
— we have made arrangements for electronic results and timing for NEBRA Races for the 2003 season, and we are putting the finishing touches on the specifications that must be met in order for a race to qualify as a NEBRA Race and these will be announced shortly [mostly safety related].

Further, we are working on quite a number of additional matters for New England and Northeastern New York Cycling.

Many of you will have seen the news about the California/Nevada cycling group rejoining USAC and functioning as the District Representative for that area. We anticipate some sort of similar arrangement for NEBRA and it appears likely that NEBRA will receive funds back from USAC in order to serve this function. Consequently, we have deferred setting membership fees for NEBRA for the 2003 season. We will be meeting with the President of USAC this weekend and I will keep you apprised of the developments.

Bill Black

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