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If you have not renewed your club annual membership with USA Cycling and any of your riders renew their license then the license will come back as unattached.The club must renew their dues in order for the club/team name to show up on a rideris license. Please renew your club memberships ASAP to avoid this.

Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Club Distinction
In an effort to clarify, the distinction between a USA Cycling sponsored club and a non-sponsored club below are the pertinent Road-Track rules pertaining to clubs. Riders who are members of a non-sponsored club are allowed to wear either a plain jersey or a jersey with the club name on it but it cannot be named after a business or commercial organization. Riders who are members of sponsored clubs may have advertising on the uniform in accordance with 1L2 below.

1L2. Rider uniform advertising.
Advertising may appear only on the uniform, including caps, shoes, and helmet of riders who are racing members of sponsored clubs [disqualification for other advertising]. The club´s name must appear on the front and back or two sides of the jersey. The name may be abbreviated.

6.4 Sponsorship. Any affiliated club in good standing which has promoted a race open to members of other clubs in the current or previous calendar year shall be eligible for sponsorship.

6.2 Club Name. Only sponsored clubs may be named after a commercial organization. Sponsored Clubs are required to host or co-host an annual USAC event.
The maximum number of sponsoring clubs that maybe listed on a permit application is as follows:
Cat A – 5
Cat B – 4
Cat C – 3
Cat D & E – 2

Event Promotion
As a USA Cycling sponsoresd club, you are required to put on a permitted event every year. Depending on the category of the race, more than one club may have their name on a permit. If your club doesn´t promote a race but does help out at a race, the club may get credit for helping by having their name on the permit.Many clubs are not receiving credit for their efforts. We would like every sponsored club to share in the burden of contributing to the race scene in New England. If you are listed as a sponsored club and you have not hosted or co-hosted an event then your riders will not be eligible to wear jerseys listing sponsors.

If you are the designated club contact (as registered with USAC, you can renew your club membership by going to your account page on the USAC website. Look for manage USA Cycling clubs under your roles. This will bring you to the club page and you can just follow the directions for renewal.

For use of the USA Cycling logos see the related douments.

Please pass this information on to all club officers and members. For further information you may contact:
Diane Fortini
[email protected]
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