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Becoming an Official
Officials are the backbone of much of what happens out in the field and the true ambassador of USA Cycling that the riders will see. To become an official, you will need to attend an official’s seminar, purchase an official’s license, and take an open book exam. The seminar is called a Regional C clinic and gives a basic introduction to road, track, and mountain bike officiating.

These clinics are offered often during the season in the various regions, but they are most heavily concentrated during the winter and fall months. The basic categories for officials in road and track are regional C, regional B, regional A, national commissaire, and international commissaire. The categories for mountain bike and BMX are similar, but without the regional B level. There are requirements for advancement to each rank, and these are explained in the Officials Administrative Handbook. Upgrading requires a combination of time since last upgrade, number of races and positions officiating, attendance at an upgrading seminar, and performance on an upgrading exam.

In addition to the basic categories, there are also some specialties, such as motorcycle refereeing (motoref), track starter, and race secretary.

From the Official’s tab on the USA Cycling wbsite you can find downloadable versions of the USCF, NORBA, and NCCA rulebooks, as well as the Officials Administrative Handbook, which explains the complete officials program. There is also the motorcycle referee’s handbook and the NORBA Mountain Bike Official’s Manual. There is also a comprehensive manual for Road and Track as well.
From the same Official’s tab, you can also find a link to our clothing manufacturer where you can order clothes, patches, bags, etc.

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