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Debut of the CCNS Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility in the Northeast
last updated: 2008-08-18


Debut of the CCNS Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility in the Northeast



Middletown CT — August 12, 2008 —  CCNS, LLC (Charles Coaching and Nutrition Services) announces the construction of CCNS Low Speed Wind Tunnel, designed specifically for cyclists and cycling equipment testing. The tunnel will be the only completely commercially-available wind tunnel in the northeast, and looks to provide another valuable resource to the cycling community.

“At CCNS we want to provide cyclists with all of the benefits and resources the pro’s have at a reasonable price,” stated Aidan Charles, Head Coach and owner of CCNS. “We think that the key to providing every possible advantage, and a full spectrum of services, is to provide accurate aerodynamics and drag testing.”  The tunnel is claimed to be completely accurate in the measurement of relative drag, flow visualization, and pressure measurements. “The test runs on the tunnel have shown excellent accuracy and should be able to meet the needs of the most competitive cyclists and demanding manufacturers,” said Wayne Kirk, the chief engineer assisting CCNS with the project.  Kirk has had experience building multiple wind tunnels for other private companies.

CCNS, located in Middletown, CT, provides physiological testing and full custom training plans for endurance athletes. After over a year of construction, CCNS is looking forward to the debut of the testing facility August 20th, and is scheduling appointments starting September 1st, 2008. CCNS also hopes to serve the greater community by opening up the facility to select manufacturer testing, school systems, and research projects.

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(Aidan Charles), (860.538.9369), ([email protected])

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